The more, the merrier - Heat transfer expert releases results of preventative fluid maintenance

P1015331After analysing a defined sample group of heat transfer fluid systems, thermal fluid expert Global Heat Transfer has concluded that annual or bi-annual testing of mineral-based thermal fluids is inadequate when maintaining a healthy heat transfer system. Results revealed that more frequent sampling and chemical analysis improves the health of mineral-based heat transfer fluids, which in the long-term, results in cost saving across the system.

As provider of the Thermocare preventative maintenance plan, Global Heat Transfer ensures the ongoing preservation of heat transfer fluid systems across industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and solar.

Like synthetic fluids, mineral-based fluids are subject to the same issues of deterioration over time. The fluids may degrade and decompose into carbon residue that can line and ultimately block the pipes of the system. Global Heat Transfer’s recent study focused on how often the mineral fluid should be analysed so as to maintain optimum efficiency.

“Before completing the research, there was no published data on the correct frequency of mineral-based heat transfer fluid analysis,” explained Clive Jones, managing director of The Global Group. “Despite this, many heat transfer fluid manufacturers and insurers recommend sampling on an annual or bi-annual basis. To dispel this myth, we analysed a multitude of heat transfer fluid systems, all containing mineral-based heat transfer fluids.

“We found that without a doubt, more in-depth and frequent sampling ultimately improves a fluid’s lifespan, which negates high costs associated with unplanned heat transfer maintenance when fluid has severely degraded.”

Global Heat Transfer has been supplying and maintaining heat transfer fluids for over 25 years. Its Thermocare plans provide comprehensive support, including training, sample analysis, technical interventions to manage carbon or flashpoint issues and its own thermal fluid return programme. The Thermocare plans are provided on three levels which are detailed on the Global Heat Transfer website.

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About Global Heat Transfer: Global Heat Transfer is a thermal fluid specialist, providing heat transfer engineering assistance and thermal fluid supplies. Services offered include sampling and analysis, 24 hour delivery of premium quality thermal fluids, system drain down / cleaning / waste management, planned maintenance programs and a broad portfolio of affiliated system design and installation services. It is part of the Global Group of companies.

Ref: GHT113/09/15

Date: 07 December 2015