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Heat Transfer Fluid for Food & Beverage Processing Facilities

Food And Beverage Industry

Processing food and beverage products requires the use of heat transfer fluids that are non-toxic in case there should be incidental contact.

Thermal fluid systems are now the standard for new facilities and upgrades to food and beverage processing facilities around the world due to the precise temperature control required for food processing.

Thermal fluids systems also reduce the risk of fire when the food processing system and heat transfer fluid are specified properly and, subsequently, monitored and maintained regularly. With increased safety comes lower insurance premiums and claims.


Globaltherm™ FG Heat Transfer Fluid for Food & Beverage Processing

1000 litre IBC208 litre barrelBulk

Globaltherm™ FG

-20°C  to 326°C (-4°F to 619°F)


Globaltherm™ FG is suitable for applications where vegetables, fruit, meat, poultry, fish or seafood is processed and production facilities such as a brewery, bakery, winery or dairy.

Globaltherm™ FG operating temperature ranges from -20°C to 326°C (-4°F to 619°F)

Globaltherm™ FG is NSF HT1 food grade accredited heat transfer fluid suitable for use in food and beverage processing applications

Globaltherm™ FG is authorised USDA HT1 for incidental contact

Globaltherm™ FG has superior oxidation properties, as it produces smaller carbon particles when broken down. It also has a lower viscosity than a standard mineral oil, making it much easier to pump.

Globaltherm™ FG thermal fluid is colourless and odourless, non-hazardous and non-toxic which means it requires no special handling and is not considered a “controlled substance” under United States OSHA, Canadian WHMIS or other work place regulations.

Globaltherm™ FG thermal fluid is also used in pharmaceutical, animal feed production, laundries, industrial heating and cooling processes.

Food grade cleaning and flushing product is also available.


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