Oil and Gas

Heat Transfer Fluid for Oil and Gas Applications

Oil and gas processing requires the use of a specific heat transfer fluid that is designed to work to the correct temperature, with a higher flashpoint, while providing a safe solution.

Global Heat Transfer technical team have worked with engineers in the oil and gas industry for many years, specifying and supplying the correct heat transfer fluid and testing and analysing the product at regular intervals throughout the year. Global Heat Transfer also maintain thermal fluid for maximum operating efficiency.

Oil and Gas process applications & Heat Transfer Fluid Systems

Heat transfer fluid systems are central to the processing of oil and gas products. Initial production, transport, refining, and recycling all require the use of heat transfer fluids.

Offshore platforms use liquid phase HTFs for facility heating and regeneration of glycols that are used to remove water from the natural gas produced.

Refineries use liquid phase heat transfer fluids to heat reboilers and columns for the distillation of oil and oil-based products. Companies that reprocess and recycle used oils use heat transfer fluid in very high temperature distillation facilities and pumping stations placed along oil pipelines use heat transfer systems to help control the viscosity of the oil moving through the line.

Globaltherm® heat transfer fluids are widely used in the oil and gas industry because of their high temperature stability.

All oil and gas process facilties have operating parameters specific to the application that guide the selection of the most suitable heat transfer fluid. The Globaltherm® family of heat transfer fluids offers a broad range of heat transfer product with operating temperature ranges to suit most oil and gas applications