Thermal Fluid Filtration

Filtration 1Online Thermal Fluid Filtration Systems

The use of a thermal fluid filtration system helps ensure a more cost effective, clean and efficient thermal fluid manufacturing production system. Regular thermal fluid testing and analysis will indicate a need for filtration.

Global Heat Transfer provides special fine filter units to continuously remove small particles from the thermal oil in a heat transfer system.

  • Filtration

    Thermal oil can contain small solid debris

    The debris can form from the internal pipe surfaces of the heat transfer system; wear from pumps and fittings and oxidation of the thermal oil.  Often the solid particles are too small to be caught by the strainers in front of pumps and control valves and can cause performance problems in heat transfer systems. Solid particles cause fouling in the heat exchanger, the impact of which reduces heat transmission in heaters and machines; flow restriction and deposits in machines and heat exchangers; and excessive wear and failure of pumps, seals and valves.

Features of Thermal Fluid Filtration Systems

      • Optimum filtration for thermal fluid. Two speed operation with filter baskets mesh size 90/15μm
      • Filter baskets for single speed use with 45, 90, 200μm
      • Operates at full system temperature and pressure
      • Large filter area 
      • Filter baskets are easy to clean and re-useable
      • Filtration system has a dedicated pump for consistent system and thermal fluid flow, temperature and pressure
      • Optimum instrumentation and detection of a full filter


Key Benefits of Thermal Fluid Filtration

      • Energy savingscarbon cannot be heated and the system will over-compensate to maintain a constant temperature
      • Cost effective system operation - avoid down time and seal wear to pumps and valves

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